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16, Oct

850-697-6174 / 8506976174

Claims he is Special Agent with DEA. Yada, Yada, Yada. Heavy accent.. Why is he calling me down here in Texas? We have DEA offices here. BS Artist !!

Reported by : Emmett
27, Jul

229-890-3210 / 2298903210

I also recieved same message from this number as well. Told them cash only, never heard back.

Reported by : Mckinley
26, May

347-623-3826 / 3476233826

On the Galaxy S-4 there is a call reject option. It works great. just click add to reject list and the phone will reject it

Reported by : Jesse
28, Aug

541-333-6240 / 5413336240

I am always suspicious of any call that I do recognize the # for, from a city I do not have any connection to & that does not leave a message. All three for this number identified as being from Beverly Hills CA.

Reported by : Trenton
10, Sep

209-310-4421 / 2093104421

Has called to our home numerous times in the last few days. Sometimes no-one responds. This morning a man spoke up finally- The calls are likely computer generated and when there is a picked up receiver they are dispatched to speak with us. He was hard to understand - definitely sounded like India of origin though. He opened by stating that he was calling from a company which I could not understand(which I told him) and then informed me that I had 15 or 50 programs not working on my computer and if I would login he would help me.I dont think so! Im reporting the number to the OPP this morning. Its obviously a scam of some sort and its really, really pathetic and lame.

Reported by : Waldo
23, Oct

956-326-9478 / 9563269478

I get this call from time to time the number 0 I just ignore it as annoying as it is I have several Opinions on what it could possibly be but truth be known no one really knows heres one of many possibilities it could be the government calling to collect info meaning active numbers or even that when you answer it somehow triggers something they can find out your every move with all the distraction and all the hoax with the government and its entirety and scammers that could even be in on it with the government who knows i recently heard this from someone a friend just got saved in church and started receiving these calls and well when I got back from a mens retreat at church that number started coming through my phone take it for what its worth but it is something more than we know I do believe and I refuse to answer and wont I dont answer numbers I dont know of anyway so lol the bottom line is the world is falling apart and for those who believe in Christ I think have a pretty good idea on what im talking about we are in the last days if you read revelations along with Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John if your not a believer I think you just might reconsider your belief. Ill leave you all with this Leave the number alone just let it do its thing dont pick up its annoying I know but something is behind that number this I do believe God Bless you all God Save America And God Bless Jerusalem The Holy Land and the Jews

Reported by : Teodoro
16, Nov

804-243-7043 / 8042437043

i got a call from this number 1400490029.. Daily twice i got a call from this number, its disturbing my works.. Please tell me how to stop this service... Tankz

Reported by : Bernie
2, Sep

360-521-2623 / 3605212623

Debbie, I received a call too, stating the same thing.  I already had a call into my time share legal department on the possible sale of my timeshare.  They told me to be very careful.  When I told "John" I wasn't willing to give him any money for the item I'm selling he said then we can't do business with you,  I said that was fine.  I called back the man that wanted to buy the timeshare from me and explained how I didn't feel confrontable using this company.  He said that he had left a deposit with them already and would call me back if he could get the money back.  I told him the legal department from my time share would handle the resale if he is still interested.  That was Saturday morning, I haven't heard back from anyone yet.  Seems like a scam to me!

Reported by : Wilford
10, May

419-874-0013 / 4198740013

Some socialist organization auto-dialer peddling their socialist medicare program. I hung up because I don't depend the State.

Reported by : Alexis
12, Dec

678-733-4152 / 6787334152

called 11:20 am, did not leave message. phone number on callback says disconnected. live in south carolina

Reported by : Luigi
24, Feb

651-787-2448 / 6517872448

Receive message 3 minutes mail box limite of a modem or fax connect sound the same string 3 day in a row at the same time 10:30 am 3 call everey day first and second one from (209) 541-1983 a disconnect number than the third one today 609.232.8006 yesterday (425) 908-8069 etc.

Reported by : Alphonse
23, Jun

606-308-9663 / 6063089663

Yes today in the afternoon even I gto a call from this number but did not pick up as thought it might some unknown call and wont be safe.

Reported by : Romeo
17, Mar

606-308-8557 / 6063088557

It was a recording in Spanish. I don't know who called and what the recording said.

Reported by : Gustavo
12, Mar

770-732-0071 / 7707320071

Stan, that could mean only ONE thing. Your phone company sold your phone number!

Reported by : Donny
25, May

605-863-7390 / 6058637390

Lol when he said he was getting signals from my computer saying there was something wrong with it i said yeah there has to be because i dont have one. Lol I do have one but as soon as i said that he hung up. The call was from a 700 something area code

Reported by : Elliott
19, Apr

626-673-2758 / 6266732758

Called I too dont answer numbers I dont know. Now Im glad I didnt take it. Time to add to the blocked list. Now thats an app Im glad to have!

Reported by : Percy
20, Apr

702-494-3113 / 7024943113

I just a call from these clowns and they would not answer after I picked up. I have a policy of asking if someone is there three times and staying on the line for at least five to ten seconds. I didnt hear a sound and hung up. I followed this up by using *57 so that Comcast can track the call in the future.Here is a list of things you can do to bring these calls to an end. After you hang-up you need to immediately enter *57 so that your phone carrier (Comcast, Verizon, etc.) can log details about the call that you cannot see. A call log that contains the number, date, and time and the group making the call, if possible. It is also very helpful to search the internet for anymore information on the number that called you. Finally, after you receive three to four calls (Comcasts suggestion) you can file a complaint with the www, web site and I have been warned it could take a couple of months for a response.

Reported by : Elton
16, Mar

270-819-0795 / 2708190795

They hang up before I can answer ! I would love for them to quit calling me an my mothers phone !

Reported by : Alfonzo
4, Jun

608-937-1939 / 6089371939

Apparently there has been a revolt, if the level of complaints to the BBB in Toronto are any measure.BBB Business Review:This Business is not BBB AccreditedCard Processing Services(877) 714-9640307-1075 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5S 2B2CPS is rated F by the BBB. ... onto-on-1285577In fact the BBB has put out the following alert on CPS:This business has a history of violating BBB name and logo policy and has falsely stated BBB accreditation or referenced the BBB name in an unauthorized manner, despite BBBs efforts to get the business to cease using the BBB trademark. This use of the BBB trademark constitutes trademark infringement and is a violation of trademark rights of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. Hmmm, what else are you lying about?By the way, even if you are a Canadian company, its still illegal for you to post false satisfied customer testimonials by your SEO shills. Its a violation of FTC false advertising regulations.

Reported by : Santo
12, May

315-520-4478 / 3155204478

This company has been calling me for the last 5 years asking for someone else who is not me .I have told this guy numorous times to remove me due to me not being that person and the call ends in a shouting match. They continue to call. The number that someone at amsure will answer is 205-313-2601 or 800-246-9590

Reported by : Caleb
12, Feb

706-628-2797 / 7066282797

Today is the first time they ever called and of course I didnt answer. I dont answer strange numbers I dont know. Now Im upset reading about what these sick people do. Why is it that scams like this are allowed to continue for so long? I have health problems, I dont need this sh#% on top. We dont pay our phone bills to be harassed.

Reported by : Bernie
23, Apr

915-593-6151 / 9155936151

Those scam morons dont even know how to spell. Only an idiot would respond to them. They are a stupid as the IRS scammers.

Reported by : Dewayne
24, Sep

626-339-0702 / 6263390702

I am getting 000-000-0 calls. Plus several calls per day from 855, 662, 858 and 259 area codes. I received a voice mail from a woman stating she was from the credit protection agency and was investigating a case against me by my ex-husband. I AM WITH VERIZON!

Reported by : Humberto
16, Jul

760-560-6717 / 7605606717

My brother received a call today from that same 000-000-0- asking questions about the phone he is using- I told the caller he had to call back since I couldnt answer his questions because it wasnt my phone. He said thank you and hung up.My brother has one of the free gov. phones and that is the phone they called on.He had a call from his worker coming in regarding what info to bring w/ im and didnt want to miss the call while he was getting ready to go to their meetingIm wondering if this is something to do with that?

Reported by : Shayne
10, Feb

530-891-4765 / 5308914765

Yeah i get a call dont answer just blocked them and i also block weird people that call me

Reported by : Kurtis
1, May

603-723-6420 / 6037236420

George, Chambers burg ,Pa This guy is calling me from last two months. it's really harassment. when i said i am gonna report him then he said he will call me 100 times in a day. it's annoying.

Reported by : Carmine
7, Jun

435-386-3982 / 4353863982

You have me wondering now! We always got a few but changed to Verizon Wireless with home phone and seems there are more bogus calls now. Have a 2-year contract! Seems this would be grounds to break it.

Reported by : Ashley
3, Jul

347-564-7999 / 3475647999

My Gosh! I cant believe all of the people on this thread that are absolutely clueless as to the original purpose for the creation of the DNC. It has one sole purpose and only that one regardless of what anyone thinks it is supposed to be doing. That purpose for creation was and still is to Limit the number of Telephone sales calls from Legitimate and Registered with the FTC American Businesses to those who have registered on the DNC list. It is just a LIST! Nothing more. Not a super computer, not a mechanical call blocker, it has no means of knowing what calls the over 300 million Americans want or dont want to receive and it has no acceptable caller list submitted by these over 300 million people as to which callers are or are not acceptable. The DNC was not created as a law enforcement tool...crimes are reported to the FCC, FTC proper, FBI, etc. The DNC is a reference LIST for legitimate businesses!A list that is required to be purchased and updated monthly by those Registered with the FTC Businesses who do in fact honor the requests of those on it. How many Sales calls do we get from Sears, local grocery stores, pharmacies , Lowes, Home Depot, Banks, Car dealerships offering specials of the day, Office Depot, and I could go on forever and fill up this whole thread with legitimate businesses. Everyone expects this LIST to mechanically block their Unwanted calls. There are over 500+ million phones in the US. They expect this LIST to chase down and prosecute some scammer calling from a basement boiler room in India with a Government that does not cooperate with the US government. Scammers and scofflaws are guilty of Fraud, extortion, and criminal activity. This is not what the DNC does . The FBI does this. Yet it is reported to the DNC with full expectation that they will chase down all of the scammers in the world, drag them out of their basement hidey holes, build a case, and prosecute them. With all of the scammers and unwanted callers going on now, how would that be possible. The DNC is not a government entity. It is a section within the FTC that does nothing but collect and provide this LIST to the Registered businesses, required to a cost. The DNC is not Tax payer funded but in fact funded by those legitimate businesses who are Registered and purchase the list monthly. Thousands of them. And should one of these businesses violate the list, after warnings, they are fined from 10K to 16K for the violation. Very few businesses violate the DNC. How do they find them? These business, before they can purchase the DNC List, must register with the FTC. Company names, principals, phone numbers, addresses (physical) FEIN, tax numbers, sic codes, and all of the proprieties required to register to be able to purchase the DNC list. They find them by simply pulling up their data base and sending them a letter. They do not administer to scammers, crooks, and other scofflaws because it would take an Army with unreasonable funding to perform all of what everyone thinks they should be doing. Criminals are left to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The DNC LIST is permanent. Once registered, always registered until you request to be removed. If you re-register your number is held in limbo for 31 days until a new list is produced and then what ever time it takes for businesses to update. If you think that the DNC Registry is not doing what it is supposed to be doing, just think of all of the Telemarketing calls youd be getting, in addition to the scammers who now call you, if the millions of American businesses who are now honoring your request on the DNC by NOT calling, started calling. The DNC costs you nothing extra as a Tax payer. It is a self funded service. It is not responsible for all of your unwanted calls or the great biblical flood or herpes. It is not going to stop unwanted callers. Nobody can stop a person from calling any phone in the world. Once a scammer is stopped, another pops up. What I have just posted is the same post, in content, that members of this Forum have been posting, explaining and re-explaining, for years. I know full well that it will do no good. People will still have their opinions and will not be confused by any facts. At least think about it and remember that I, like others on this board, am just the messenger. If you dont like or agree with what you have read, Take it to the FTC and complain to them.

Reported by : Frederick