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10, Jun

620-892-9540 / 6208929540

Got a call from Travel Life. A girl said I won a vacation. I knew it's scam, and asked for their direct number to call back. She would not give it and hung up.

Reported by : Francis
26, May

301-242-1424 / 3012421424

All my numbers are on do not call lists at state and federal level. This may reduce calls but it does not stop them.

Reported by : Tyrone
16, Feb

907-287-4850 / 9072874850

called for patterson residence. not at this number for over a year. not registered voter. they call at meal times for political [***]. will never vote for this dick.

Reported by : Alphonso
23, Jan

218-323-3153 / 2183233153

I keep getting calls from a rep from American Exotic. i didn't even give him a chance to say anything else before i told him to take me off the list. when i did he told me to do something nasty and then hung up. does anyone know how to take care of this? do i need to get the police involved?

Reported by : Basil
10, Jul

317-727-1232 / 3177271232

The same thing happen to me you can try and call back from a different number they amswer and play games with you I lost 340 dollars to this scam. This reo smith need to stop also other numbers 2062012644:

Reported by : Clair
4, Oct

907-497-1578 / 9074971578

No message...calls twice, one right after the other.  I'm not answering any calls from anyone that I don't know these days.  If they want me, they can leave a message.

Reported by : Morton
19, Feb

910-395-3113 / 9103953113

Someone called my house phone (which I never receive personal calls on) and asked for me by mis pronouncing my name so obviously they didn't know me. I asked who the caller was and the line suddenly went dead. I googled the number and this website came up...creepy

Reported by : Charley
20, Jun

970-583-6939 / 9705836939

The message form this number was a Latin brass tune that went on and on, sounded like a Tijuana brass tune.

Reported by : Octavio
3, Aug

864-305-5304 / 8643055304

Got a phone call from this number on 08/03/10, 9:27pmNo message leftI don't know who this is

Reported by : Sterling
27, Aug

478-751-9429 / 4787519429

I receive calls from this number all the time and the voicemail is dead air! So annoying!!

Reported by : Stephan
9, Mar

915-820-5277 / 9158205277

Got a call today from this number. The man stated it was for a position to sign up union members for benefits. Now here is the weird part, he asked if I had sales experience and said that he had not seen my resume but his manager did. Huh? If he doesnt know what my experience is why is he talking to me? I repeatedly asked if this was a sales position and finally got a yes. I asked Is this insurance sales? and also got a yes. Needless to say, I said I wasnt interested. Yikes!

Reported by : Santo
26, Jan

810-844-1016 / 8108441016

Received numerous calls from this number before actually picking up the phone to an additional 113 number (didn't realize it was off by a number // 1800). Caller claimed to be part of a mortgage company to help me refinance. When I said I wasn't interested & to please remove me from their call list, the man caller said "Let me tell you something. Go f*** yourself." I would also like to press charges if the culprits are revealed.

Reported by : Alfonso
1, Jul

818-546-5470 / 8185465470

I have a feeling this stems from online and television infomercials as I just ordered furniturefix and these calls started. I just blocked the number. If they use my CC # Ill sue them.

Reported by : Grady
5, Sep

352-567-8853 / 3525678853

Most are used repeatedly over and over ad nauseam, and I will continue blocking them as they appear and reporting them myself. Blocking the particular area codes they use repeatedly also helps. Sooner or later they get caught up with though. The DNC isnt a automatic call blocker, nor will criminals obey any laws. I sometimes wonder when I read posts such as this though if the people who are trying to discourage others are not involved in the illegal telemarketing.

Reported by : Major
12, Oct

843-447-7019 / 8434477019

I have a panasonic phone but can only block 20 numbers and dozens, probably hundreds of these idiots keep calling. Wish there was a way to block them all

Reported by : Abraham
25, Feb

312-427-0099 / 3124270099

Marketing garbage. I didn't answer, they left no msg, and when you call back they say "your survey time has expired".

Reported by : Matt
7, Sep

214-535-4702 / 2145354702

I keep getting a call from the 000-000-0 and someone is asking who number are they calling!!! I told them I was calling the police if they call me again!!! What should I do about this. My son is in the army and I think it could be him but it is not I ask him!!

Reported by : Bryon
26, Sep

954-323-1921 / 9543231921

I received a call from this number and I answered and it was Walmart Pharmacy saying my prescription was ready. Now I am receiving the calls again and its not them anymore. Im wondering if its a new thing for blocked numbers

Reported by : Darius
5, Dec

620-286-7279 / 6202867279

Mr./Ms. NHGranite. The DNC does not stop or block call regardless of how long you have been registered. It is just a list.

Reported by : Lauren
19, May

219-654-6560 / 2196546560

This only works for hand calls. Does not work for robo calls. If you answer and its a robo call, they now know its a good number and will turn around and call you, then you can tell them to never call you again.

Reported by : Dexter
7, Dec

920-828-6813 / 9208286813

Called today at 9:00 am. They asked if I was using Enbridge gas. I told them that they woke me up as I work a night shift. I told her before she did her sales pitch to put me on their do not call list. The funny thing is that Ive already had calls from Enbridge and also told them to put me on their do not call list.

Reported by : Ethan
7, Aug

386-693-5807 / 3866935807

Claims I was selected to get a loan from them. Never applied and not wanted. Scammers....ugh.

Reported by : Martin
16, Mar

503-216-7220 / 5032167220

A man named John with a super thick foreign accent said he was with Windows Service Center calling about my computer. FYI: 933 isnt even a valid US area code.

Reported by : Chadwick
23, Mar

256-628-8841 / 2566288841

Liars scammers ripoff artists con artists lie about rates leases everything stole $1000s from me they are a bunch of scammers in a boiler room in Montreal on cote DES neiges should be shut down by cops but they keep going with same scam and lies Run by Michael Karaguizian Daniel Talafre Steven Geffin

Reported by : Barrett
14, Oct

206-701-7134 / 2067017134

Called from wanted to know if I wanted to sign up to reduce credit card debt. Credit card debt has to be 4,000 or more.

Reported by : Quintin
23, Apr

831-621-7498 / 8316217498

This same private number call about 7 of my family members telling them to have me call them about a docket # and gave the same number

Reported by : Alphonso
18, Jul

202-224-3735 / 2022243735

he had middle eastern accent claimed he was trying to give me govt grant money.earlier in wk called as if he picked up bad computer signal and wanted us to get onto computer.

Reported by : Kent
19, Dec

908-364-5576 / 9083645576

i was sitting at my desk and someone called like 20 times from this number when i called back on my cell it was busy but i called back on my office phone i got some womens cell phone the number is from canada its 340 in las vegas where i live right now

Reported by : Desmond
7, Nov

201-371-3957 / 2013713957

Got a collect call in the middle of the night. It says it was from John Whitley. I've never heard of him.

Reported by : Dwayne
18, May

269-815-9859 / 2698159859

I took your suggestion and asked for their phone # and address and name, he gave me some name I cant even pronounce and no phone # or address. He told me that my computer is sending error messages to their company and he could fix it by letting him into my computer online. Fat chance of that ever happening I told him, plus I warned him that this call will be reported to my server and he had better lose my number. I said that any more calls would be considered harassement and I will press charges.

Reported by : Jean
19, Mar

309-641-3342 / 3096413342

after answering and being polite with my no i bought a whistle that i just blow into the phone and only received one call after that it will only mess up their hearing for a few days

Reported by : Quentin
6, Oct

940-423-9999 / 9404239999

Called my mobile number, left no message. If its important, they would leave a message, otherwise I do not pick up calls from numbers I dont recognize - this one included.

Reported by : Steven
1, Jun

360-503-2709 / 3605032709

This number called and a lady told me she was calling regarding my Chevrolet Malibu, she had been reviewing my file. When I questioned who she was calling for, she responded an Auto Service and hung up. When I redialed the number, I was advised that the number was not in service.

Reported by : Horace
9, Apr

334-485-4476 / 3344854476

Its a scam. There is no grant. You will lose your money on the Green dot card. The funds are untraceable. What part of the word scam do you NOT understand?

Reported by : Earnest