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6, Apr

707-433-8794 / 7074338794

I received a call from that number and didnt answer. They didnt leave a message. Then an hour later they called me again, so I answered the phone and it was a political poll. They dont want people calling them so they give a bogus number, but it really could be any one when you see 000-000-0. The best thing to do is to answer the phone and ask for the callers company name, phone number, and address. If they dont give you that information theres something fishy about them.

Reported by : Leif
3, Aug

352-745-7060 / 3527457060

I make it a habit to NEVER answer unknown numbers. Today I *almost broke my rule because a family member is due to travel to Seattle soon & I thought something might be going on. THIS is why I have this website bookmarked on my phone! Thanks for the good info people! Sorry for your aggravation, but knowing I could rely on this website spared me the same. Please keep reporting folks!

Reported by : Rocky
16, Mar

504-737-5627 / 5047375627

Im a retired phone operator. Ive had many a company or persons try to abuse our phones, cells. Land lines, voiP, and now cell phones are spammed and the caller WANTS You to pay it. Dont answer. If You see it, Hang them up. Any bullcrap they tell you its a way to build rapport and get Your info. Its your Choice to answer or Not!

Reported by : German
22, May

971-212-8184 / 9712128184

William T. Moore is Bee Removal Service offering Bee Removal and Bee Extermination in Bowling Green, KY

Reported by : Cyril
1, Apr

901-531-3220 / 9015313220

My Gosh! I cant believe all of the people on this thread that are absolutely clueless as to the original purpose for the creation of the DNC. It has one sole purpose and only that one regardless of what anyone thinks it is supposed to be doing. That purpose for creation was and still is to Limit the number of Telephone sales calls from Legitimate and Registered with the FTC American Businesses to those who have registered on the DNC list. It is just a LIST! Nothing more. Not a super computer, not a mechanical call blocker, it has no means of knowing what calls the over 300 million Americans want or dont want to receive and it has no acceptable caller list submitted by these over 300 million people as to which callers are or are not acceptable. The DNC was not created as a law enforcement tool...crimes are reported to the FCC, FTC proper, FBI, etc. The DNC is a reference LIST for legitimate businesses!A list that is required to be purchased and updated monthly by those Registered with the FTC Businesses who do in fact honor the requests of those on it. How many Sales calls do we get from Sears, local grocery stores, pharmacies , Lowes, Home Depot, Banks, Car dealerships offering specials of the day, Office Depot, and I could go on forever and fill up this whole thread with legitimate businesses. Everyone expects this LIST to mechanically block their Unwanted calls. There are over 500+ million phones in the US. They expect this LIST to chase down and prosecute some scammer calling from a basement boiler room in India with a Government that does not cooperate with the US government. Scammers and scofflaws are guilty of Fraud, extortion, and criminal activity. This is not what the DNC does . The FBI does this. Yet it is reported to the DNC with full expectation that they will chase down all of the scammers in the world, drag them out of their basement hidey holes, build a case, and prosecute them. With all of the scammers and unwanted callers going on now, how would that be possible. The DNC is not a government entity. It is a section within the FTC that does nothing but collect and provide this LIST to the Registered businesses, required to a cost. The DNC is not Tax payer funded but in fact funded by those legitimate businesses who are Registered and purchase the list monthly. Thousands of them. And should one of these businesses violate the list, after warnings, they are fined from 10K to 16K for the violation. Very few businesses violate the DNC. How do they find them? These business, before they can purchase the DNC List, must register with the FTC. Company names, principals, phone numbers, addresses (physical) FEIN, tax numbers, sic codes, and all of the proprieties required to register to be able to purchase the DNC list. They find them by simply pulling up their data base and sending them a letter. They do not administer to scammers, crooks, and other scofflaws because it would take an Army with unreasonable funding to perform all of what everyone thinks they should be doing. Criminals are left to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The DNC LIST is permanent. Once registered, always registered until you request to be removed. If you re-register your number is held in limbo for 31 days until a new list is produced and then what ever time it takes for businesses to update. If you think that the DNC Registry is not doing what it is supposed to be doing, just think of all of the Telemarketing calls youd be getting, in addition to the scammers who now call you, if the millions of American businesses who are now honoring your request on the DNC by NOT calling, started calling. The DNC costs you nothing extra as a Tax payer. It is a self funded service. It is not responsible for all of your unwanted calls or the great biblical flood or herpes. It is not going to stop unwanted callers. Nobody can stop a person from calling any phone in the world. Once a scammer is stopped, another pops up. What I have just posted is the same post, in content, that members of this Forum have been posting, explaining and re-explaining, for years. I know full well that it will do no good. People will still have their opinions and will not be confused by any facts. At least think about it and remember that I, like others on this board, am just the messenger. If you dont like or agree with what you have read, Take it to the FTC and complain to them.

Reported by : Carroll
3, Dec

402-332-7106 / 4023327106

youre right. political and charitable calls are exempt from do not call lists. the DNC has worked for me in that LEGITIMATE organizations that follow the law dont call me anymore. Outside the political and charitable calls, the only other are spammers/phishers who are not following the law anyway, so I wouldnt see why they would bother to respect the list. I dont bother to report to the numbers anymore because the govt wont take the time to actually track down these illegal shops. Theyre too much of a moving target. the bottom line is that if someone dials your specific 10 digit number, your phone will ring. Any or all of their source information may be fictitious, so all you can do is block them on your end. Even still, theyre a moving target anyway, so the next time the source number is different than what youve blocked.

Reported by : Rodger
5, Mar

262-423-7763 / 2624237763

Keep getting call from this number and when I answer I get no response and when I call the number but the number doesnt work.

Reported by : Hans
20, Sep

508-273-5277 / 5082735277

michael Karaguzian owns the scam and scam merchants his name is all over Card Pricessing Services 6000 cite des neiges his little partners are Daniel Talafre and Steven Geffin they rip off merchants they ripped me off

Reported by : Ezra
18, Jun

865-771-5576 / 8657715576

Ive had multiple calls from them for a while now and I wont pick up the phone when I see their number displayed. They are a credit card processing company. Their website says they are BBB accredited which when checked out at BBB, you will see that there is an alert on them. Their BBB rating is an F. The reason is that they have a history of violating the BBB name and logo policy. They are obviously very untrustworthy and youd have to be short of more than just a few brain cells to do business with a company like this.

Reported by : Broderick
28, Apr

209-890-2485 / 2098902485

Your belief is incorrect. You can report any number, with a name or not. You have to register on the Do Not Call list for a month before they can stop calls going to your number. Dont worry, they cant stop bull ticky callers like this, mostly patched in from somewhere outside the US. But if we keep reporting these dolts, phone makers can add more Blocked Call spaces on their phones, like my Pan A. Sonic (do they allow brand names here?)

Reported by : Enoch
7, Nov

909-676-8331 / 9096768331

This guy left a VM saying he had a job opportunity for someone in our household. That was it.... did not elaborate on his story.

Reported by : Heriberto
14, Jul

440-632-6099 / 4406326099

Got a call asked my name then hung up. Then called back and it was a fax number.

Reported by : Rueben
4, Jun

937-355-3406 / 9373553406

Mr.Diaz called said that I gave them an old debt card number. He also said since He had the old debt card I know about the money I owe them which is a lie. That why I stop the old card and found out they were trying to take money I did not owe.So he decide to call my work today. Please help stop these people from calling.

Reported by : Gerry
23, Feb

260-409-6468 / 2604096468

This happens to me all the time from 000-000-0. I answered and it said, good bye after a few seconds. I wonder if this gives them time to record any information. Can we block this number?

Reported by : Jackie
24, May

910-789-7911 / 9107897911

I answered. Nothing they just hung up. So I called them back. OVER, and OVER and OVER and OVER. Nobody ever said anything, but I could hear talking in the background. Maybe if I harass them more than they harass me they will quit calling.

Reported by : Darell
13, Jan

979-932-4435 / 9799324435

they are driving me mad 2 calls every day for 2 weeks now dont they realise im not interested their showes on my phone looks dodgy so i dont answer

Reported by : Weston
22, Jul

405-282-0921 / 4052820921

They call at least once a day. So annoying. I've told them I'm not interested yet they still keep calling. I don't answer the phone anymore.

Reported by : Antonio
15, Feb

270-564-6874 / 2705646874

I get the 0 call all the time I answer it every time and all I hear is a click like someone is hanging up I have been told by a couple reliable people now that it is some sort of law enforcement or government tracking your phone to see where it is located I switched phone companys and still got it then I went back to my old company and switched phone numbers and still get it I have no clue what it is but I did ask my next door neighbor which is a detective and all he could say was I cant discuss that with you so it kinda makes me think that it is true maybe it is the government or law enforcement

Reported by : Edgar
6, May

843-520-2957 / 8435202957

You got that right, Babs. The DNC list most likely was created as part of a pork barrel law that authorized federal funds for the City of Chicago to buy 500 new school buses. Our fearless leaders in Congress do this to make sure a bill passes. Its just more bureaucratic hot air.the same hot air that gave us the IRS, the FCC and the Department of Homeland Security. Your tax dollars at work!!!

Reported by : Allan
9, Oct

315-942-3266 / 3159423266

They called but hung up immediately. Guess they knew who they were dealing with.poor guy.

Reported by : Marc
24, Feb

440-876-8114 / 4408768114

Got a call from 804-843-6509 and did not answer call cause I was on the other line tried calling back and number is disconnected. So sick of calls like this.

Reported by : Reid
21, Feb

304-720-1635 / 3047201635

I got a text last night at midnight saying "Who is this? An who is the naked chick?". I have no clue who it is or what they're talking about. Spammer maybe?

Reported by : Troy
18, Jun

313-963-0344 / 3139630344

Yes, dont fill out any surveys. esspesitally the one that say the will pay you. None of them work. We just got a new phone and I started doing surveys and put the new number in like a dumb a**. and they started calling. We get about 15 to 30 calls a day.

Reported by : Carmine
19, Jul

314-991-5638 / 3149915638

This is Happening a lot recently so never pick up the phone or hear what their voice sounds and tell the police

Reported by : Brian
9, Sep

620-863-9022 / 6208639022

Yes if you never answer it, they do go away eventually, just do not answer any calls that you do not expect or recognize.  I figure if it is important they will leave a message when they do not then I do not call it back I google it and thank goodness I do cause I find all of you folks telling me that these people are bad news.

Reported by : Boyce
1, Aug

312-545-3935 / 3125453935

Just got a call 2 mins ago from that same number 210-301-0001, and I never answer my phone when I dont know the person who is calling. Well this has happened about 30-45 times in 2 months now. They never leave a message and I am from Ontario,Canada, and know nobody from Texas,USA. I hate people but I do respect Human kind.that said, I hate the people behind this cold calling!!F%@K!!

Reported by : Marty
1, Sep

415-584-5766 / 4155845766

So far I received one text message from this number. I do not know where they got my number from. I suspect an app I have installed may have shared my information with a third-party company. The text of the message I received is as follows:"by Make commission + residual income by referring coffee, tea, or hot chocolate consumers. For more information call: (305) 747-8875"

Reported by : Lawrence
1, Mar

305-910-3457 / 3059103457

Called home number, left no message. Have called several times without any message

Reported by : Brett
1, Sep

509-671-5727 / 5096715727

Just got a call from this number and earlier today got a call from a number with a 503 area code.  Not sure what is going on.  I have a WI cell phone number but live in FL.

Reported by : Arturo
23, Jul

303-802-7412 / 3038027412

I was about to pay these people until I Google the numbers and saw this. They refused to send it in writing saying their company went green so they dont send stuff in the mail only if I make a payment first they will email me something. Called BBB never heard of them.

Reported by : Elroy
21, Dec

417-323-0039 / 4173230039

JUST A QUICK THING-If people dont give you their phone number, and adress, its not something fishy, it simply means that they would rather NOT give you their living location, theres a thing called privacy, and they probably just wanna keep that.If they even respond to you, as the number 000-000-0 is widley used by large variety of peoples.It could be a prank caller with a.bit more tech knowledge, could be a politics call, could be that closet stalker from down the street. Theres no way to tell unless you hear something from the other end. ;}

Reported by : Herb
22, Sep

254-446-0988 / 2544460988

I have gotten 4 calls from this number. It is very irritating. I am so glad I have Mr. Number!

Reported by : Alvin