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10, Oct

919-231-0813 / 9192310813

N6mDoes anyone ever get #s such as (168-7513). My husbtand and I share this account, he gets those all the time. If you try call it a message comes up saying its text landline?? HELP

Reported by : Rolland
2, Aug

650-270-9131 / 6502709131

Will not respond when I follow prompts. Would ask them to remove me from list again.

Reported by : Elmer
5, Dec

562-537-3214 / 5625373214

I tried to call block this today. Response from Verizon?Enter a legitimate phone number !Verizon is an EVIL OVERLORD.

Reported by : Shayne
23, Jan

714-950-9043 / 7149509043

I had them E-Mail a few times and tell me my service is off line.That was up to two weeks for the due date. My phones servicewas not off line either.Must be a bunch of money hungry morons running the place.Remember, NEVER Top Up early either. Your next due datestarts from the day you top up. Dont *give* them even a day.

Reported by : Nigel
26, Dec

580-675-7560 / 5806757560

McKinleyville, CaliforniaWe received a call from this number claiming to be PG&E and telling us our power would be shut off if we didnt provide proof of payment. They said they were at a call center in Arcata Ca.

Reported by : Collin
17, Jun

660-230-9943 / 6602309943

A recording came on asking if I knew anyone who was overweight! I hung up. And, yes, I'm on the do not call list.

Reported by : Waldo
17, Aug

717-234-8810 / 7172348810

Received the same message as well. Called the number, pressed #1 and it ask for CC number. Obviously fishing for a sucker. Inform your friends and let U.S. Bank and your carrier know.

Reported by : Glenn
13, Sep

630-728-9954 / 6307289954

Robocall, location shows as Portland, ME. No listing on but Intelius says it's a landline number. Suspect a spoofed caller ID.

Reported by : Vincent
2, Aug

570-578-8405 / 5705788405

continues to call for Veronica which is not me.... they are debt collectors, turn them into do not call registry complaint everytime they call.

Reported by : Omar
17, Mar

801-237-2435 / 8012372435

Someone called and said they where with Windows Technical Support and that my computer was in danger of being hacked. It was a scam and when I asked them for their phone number he waited a few seconds and then gave me 201-844-7840. They were very hard to understand. If you get a call like this, hang up the phone.

Reported by : Merle
20, Oct

724-698-3112 / 7246983112

Missed a call at 11:32 AM CDT. I called them back and it's some home mortgage thing. I don't have a mortage.

Reported by : Antone
27, Sep

616-855-5660 / 6168555660

It is some one who asks who is the owner of the electric utility at this address. It is an alternate electic power provider. I told him I am not intersted and hung up but they been callng back almost daily for the last 2 weeks, I think they are connected to Positive Energy who repeatedly called also which I told them them same thing for just a few days after I told them to stop this alternate number started calling.which my Caller ID lists as Zehhava Toledano. I also have told them to stop 3 times but the calls continue.

Reported by : Jerald
4, Oct

708-503-0476 / 7085030476

I got the call on the day after Christmas at 9:30 in the morning. I called it back immediately and the woman who answered said that she was going to send me a $100 rebate card because I had recently visited an affiliated website. At this point, I was overcome by the urge to use the restroom, so when I asked if I could place her on hold, she hung up.So I called back and this time a man answered. (Both spoke English with an Indo accent.) He said basically the same thing, only this time stated that I was to be mailed the rebate for having made a recent purchase online. [These are the times I remember things like my sister having received a call from some computer hack claiming to be with MicroSoft and when she gave him the information he needed to improve her computers performance succeeded in successfully hi-jacking her computer.]. When I asked him who the business was with whom I had made the purchase, he said he did not have that information as a protection of my privacy. I gave him my date of birth when he asked for it then he said he was going to transfer me over to the billing section where I would have to pay a fee of $2.90 for shipping in order to obtain the voucher. That is when I told him that I would call him back and hung up. The EndP.S.: It was a New Jersey number.EditReply !

Reported by : Ezequiel
13, Jul

715-393-4229 / 7153934229

Called and when I said called several times before and on the NO CALL LIST she hungup.. I would like to sue..

Reported by : Isidro
24, Apr

781-507-1995 / 7815071995

I received a call today.  A female voice, without mentioning the company's name.

Reported by : Keven
5, Oct

517-518-6654 / 5175186654

Received several calls finally answered one. I just spoken a bunch of foreign sounding words. He asked if I spoke english and said a few more and he hung up. :)

Reported by : Elijah
5, Aug

517-304-5313 / 5173045313

Carol - we too get many calls from alleged Microsoft. They hang up the second I say, I did not call you. You called me. I never do business over the phone with anyone I do not call...If theres a problem with my computer, I take it to my computer professional.

Reported by : Jamey
11, Nov

610-276-0221 / 6102760221

11/1/08  rec'd 3 calls in 2 hrs.  Answered two of them and got no response.  Let the answer maching pick up the message given.

Reported by : Jon
22, Jun

812-988-3291 / 8129883291

Got another call today. Got a call in Aug said window Expired, and the cost would be around 100.00 ( I would have to look up to be exact) If I paid this they would be able to fix the problems on the computer. Told me it was good for one year and then there would be one more payment. Then I would not have to pay again. They called again today wanting to fix problems on computer, wanted money. I told them that I had already paid and any problems that I had there would be no charge for one year. He then If there is more than 80% errors on my computer I would have to pay. I told him to look up my records. This seemed to cause a problem. He said he would call me back. Gues what he has not called back yet. So I called this number to talk and there is no answer. So was I taken in scam? Sharon

Reported by : Justin
24, Jul

650-298-6141 / 6502986141

I been getting Text Message from the number 1-210103 Asking if I have a vehicle listed on Craigs List they want me to consider it sold.To set up a Pay Pal Account and my money will be available immediately.All I need to do is reply with my full number.and my Pay Pal information or Banking Information..When hell freezes over I will do that for this scammer.THEY ARE A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS TRYING TO GET ACCESS PEOPLES BANKING INFORMATION...DO NOT REPLY TO THESE TEXT MESSAGE FROM THEM AND REPORT IT TO YOUR PHONE CARRIER...AT&T NET10 VERIZON..ETC...

Reported by : Leonel
10, Nov

765-391-0746 / 7653910746

Police Protection Fund. They are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency and collect funds for themselves. They are a boiler room outfit that refuses to honor my request to be put on their "no call" list. Criminals.Who are the stupid people who donate to these monsters?

Reported by : Irvin
16, Jun

303-956-9605 / 3039569605

called number back (WCA) thru my work phone got a recording they do have an option (press 1) to have you're number removed

Reported by : Teodoro
13, Oct

814-913-5288 / 8149135288

Zieta Technologies is a fraud company. They tell about visa to US but they do not have any set up to do that. So they collect money from candidates and give you false promises. Please do to rely on their ad or phone call. THEY ARE FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reported by : Freddy
24, May

660-852-8834 / 6608528834

I got a call from this location on my mobile phone and then they would hang up on me.

Reported by : Teodoro
27, May

770-769-1615 / 7707691615

I also got a call from this number, never picked up and now googled it and found this page.. Does someone know if we should beware of this number?

Reported by : Cortez
19, Jan

580-374-8651 / 5803748651

Hi , text , 3 times, always ask me if i have driver and if i gfe , and when i say i have a driver he newer text me back , so who knows who he is . but strange to me , why he dont like that i have a driver ,may be he is a SEX MANIAC ?!

Reported by : Abram
13, Aug

801-646-3625 / 8016463625

Just call the number back and ask to be taken off of their calling list. The automated reply says that it will take up to 30 days. I dont understand what is wrong with these people. How the hell did they get my work number?

Reported by : Bradly
23, Jul

602-250-8165 / 6022508165

wants to know if an item I have up for sale is still available, even when my ad states if it's still listed, it's still available. wants me to email him at

Reported by : Rudy
1, May

785-373-7345 / 7853737345

Get about 2-3 texts a day from this number telling me I qualify for a VISA card. So annoying.

Reported by : Byron
11, Nov

517-394-9300 / 5173949300

got a text ... i posted a sale on craigs califthey wanted to pay with paypal... i told them COD only..they came back and BLAH BLAH BLAH...i told the to scam someone else

Reported by : Elliot