19, Oct

702-206-2406 / 7022062406

Sorry, but I disagree. I have been on the DO NOT CALL list since its inception, and I have so many telemarketing calls, I can no longer answer my phone. I deleted the personal message, turned off the answering machine completely, and turned off all my ringers, and they are still calling !

Reported by : Kent
12, May

601-359-9064 / 6013599064

I've received 3 calls from this number. Does anyone have problems with Sallie Mae? I suspect it is linked to them.

Reported by : Isreal
11, Jul

910-510-7586 / 9105107586

Sounds like I got same call - But told him I did not have internet connection to my home computer (true) and did my internetting from the library. They have better spam control than what I could afford!

Reported by : Toby
2, Jun

563-856-6373 / 5638566373

I never answer calls if they aren't programed and you should do the same.  This number 310-241-0575 calls me all the time.  I never answer, they never leave a message and after reading all this.  I'm glad - NEVER give your information out to ANYONE you don't know.

Reported by : Chase
18, Feb

937-777-6374 / 9377776374

I get them at my business now too. Does anyone else use an advertiser like Dex or Hibu that guarantees calls to your small business? I wonder if that generates revenue for the caller?

Reported by : Richie
1, Jul

651-328-4235 / 6513284235

bill collectors looking for someone else. they keep calling after I told them I'm not who they want.

Reported by : Everette
2, May

724-549-7405 / 7245497405

I have my residential and cell phone numbers registered on this site and still get these telemarketing and nuisance calls. I now check call display and do not answer any numbers I am not familiar with. If it is important, they will leave a message and I can return the call.

Reported by : Glenn
5, Nov

813-930-3693 / 8139303693

This person called my house and my son answered.  The guy said that since I was in good standing they would send me a gift card to Walmart.  Then he started with a survey.  My son told him he was not the card holder but the guy kept going.  Then he started talking faster and said something about sending me something and that they would bill me.  I immediately called my card company to report it.

Reported by : Erich
9, Aug

936-478-5789 / 9364785789

800-711-4555 is the telephone number for OptumRx Prior Authorizations Department for specialty medications.

Reported by : Donny
18, Jul

502-221-5785 / 5022215785

A man with an accent called my number in fl saying he was law enforcement. He was rude! I had a police officer call him, he stated he was with Ellen Taylor. Look out!

Reported by : Antwan
23, Jul

401-336-4317 / 4013364317


Reported by : Alonzo
25, Feb

602-779-7291 / 6027797291

Keep calling and saying they are from the Walker organization and that I've won a gift card from them, a $10 gift card from Walmart and over $100 is gas. I told them I did not fill out a survey and they said oh yes you did. I repeated that no I did not and to stop calling me and remove me from your list. She then said in a rude voice, What did you say and then the phone went dead. I called the number back and it says to claim you prize press one or 2 to be removed from the list. I did and we'll see what happens. Very rude who is calling, it's a women.

Reported by : Ervin
23, Oct

972-948-8261 / 9729488261

They told me they were an attorney and I had to appear in court. I have neer been to NJ-Bayonne. Not sure what the call was about as I have a straight talk mobile phone from Wal-mart. The guy that was on the phone spoke broken english and had a heavy accent.

Reported by : Santo
9, Jul

423-236-2780 / 4232362780

It's a scam. Google "bbb.org phony debt collectors". It's also illegal to threaten arrest for not paying debts.

Reported by : Bobby
4, Oct

443-482-8968 / 4434828968

Been on the do not call registry for years, verified it. Within the past few months have been getting all sorts of scam and fraudulent phone calls. Do not call registry doesnt work when it comes to these calls. Have gotten the Microsoft fraud call (twice) first one came from a NASSAUZN01 number, then two hours after the first time of that, someone called from the same number stating they were with Verizon to upgrade DVR, another fraud call. The second Microsoft fraud call came from a California number the next week. Have gotten spoof calls, this call from 0 which you can not block as it is not a valid number, and then all sorts of listed numbers. I have reported everyone of them, all hours of the day and night, most recorded messages but several were live callers. Have also gotten the phone company involved we are getting so many and they have started blocking numbers because Ive filled up my block list and the filter anonymous doesnt catch a majority of them. Now have gotten a number from the phone company because we are getting so many of these calls, a government agency to trace the numbers. From what the phone company stated, usually even though the numbers come up from all over the country and different, they usually lead back to the same place.

Reported by : Rafael
24, Apr

320-262-3977 / 3202623977

I got the same call tonight. Steve Miller,probably a ficticious name,  left a voice mail and when I called back it was busy . I tried several times. Anybody have a clues what or who GSS is???

Reported by : Haywood
16, Nov

813-232-0660 / 8132320660


Reported by : Leonel
9, Mar

918-649-4430 / 9186494430

after answering and being polite with my no i bought a whistle that i just blow into the phone and only received one call after that it will only mess up their hearing for a few days

Reported by : Valentin
2, Jul

512-344-2405 / 5123442405

Received following text out of blue...[email protected]: no subject / You be the tree, and Ill wrap you like a Koala. text me 5187235862cant wait to see you babeSent from I-Phone

Reported by : Huey
9, Jul

716-668-5466 / 7166685466

they call every day about 10 times a day if not more and i dont answer it i want to know who it is because they wont stop calling.

Reported by : Carmen
26, Mar

951-236-4210 / 9512364210

I got a call from this number wanting my checking account information so they could deposit a grant into my account.  I hung up on them, pretty sure that was a scam

Reported by : Byron
23, Sep

941-538-2425 / 9415382425

I received a call from 202-096-4554 and when I said, "hello" they hung up.  I don't appreciate calls

Reported by : Elisha
14, Jan

850-239-3638 / 8502393638

You know folks, if you do not recognize the number or name, dont answer the damn phone!If its something important or your long lost uncle Festus, hell leave a message.When it stops ringing, if youre curious just enter the number in google and Waa Laa.

Reported by : Ian
11, Feb

740-501-6398 / 7405016398

I have been getting calls from this number for about a year, one time they will say they are trying to serve papers to a person I do not know. David Hill had left a number to call back got the company name William Sanders & Assoc. # 888 317 6320 I called and David was out in the field. Next step was to call someone from Rip Off Report and they told me they are a scam and may have to change my number I have received about 18 calls from different numbers for this person, OutSource Solution, BMG Financial, and many other people Linda Williams 2xs would not give out her company # and tried to explain the FDCPA rules and hung up. Call her she is fun to talk to 512 271 1982 and say you are Tiffany Ryals. They will not take our # out of their system. Doug Larson, Sarah Ston 2xs trying to serve papers I called back nd said serve them freaking idiots.

Reported by : Phillip
15, Mar

931-831-1241 / 9318311241

This company would do well to respect no-call lists, regardless of what idiotic law allows them to make these annoying calls.  If someone is on a no-call list, chances are VERY, VERY good they aren't interested in receiving unsolicited calls from ANYONE.  I CERTAINLY DO NOT APPRECIATE THEM BURNING MY CELL PHONE MINUTES!!!...

Reported by : Lindsay
17, Mar

858-346-2833 / 8583462833

Don't know this person but they keep calling constantly when I continue to tell him he's dialing the wrong number

Reported by : Hugo
1, Jun

920-776-0725 / 9207760725

Got a call. Stupidly answered. They hung up. Then got several messages claiming it was from a "Chassity". Nothing really making sense though.

Reported by : Deandre
11, Mar

612-759-9203 / 6127599203

Calls MULTIPLE times daily. No message left just a plain irritant. What is Medallion and why are they so anxious to contact us?

Reported by : Randy
13, Jun

907-263-4680 / 9072634680

Not sure who this number is, but they call my son's cell phone every day. no messages, but the one time he answered they hung up. Number has been blocked.

Reported by : Hunter